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Matic Kukovec писал(а):
I was wondering why I didn't find XDev earlier, then I noticed that it IS listed in David Evans's list of revised oberon compilers/toolchains, but XDev is listed in parenthesis under BlackBox Builder.
And Windows is supported, that's great. Can you please explain the procedure for creating one of
the example standalone executable programs, for example:
Well, I'll try.

XDev supports sources in binary format .odc (Oberon DoCument) of BlackBox as well as traditional textual sources .Mod (now in CP1251). So you launch XDev-master\BlackBox.exe and File -> Open -> WinDev/*.Mod <- any source file.

Select in menu «XDev -> Compile» (F11) to compile current module. «XDev -> Compile» (F12) to build and run the project. Main module marked with directive (*$MAIN*)
How modules build? If you press F11, Ofront starts, translates a module to C source and starts script "SubSys/Bin/compile.bat ModuleName" <-- you can see how it works, you can edit it. This script calls any (that you want) C compiler, checks an exit code, and if it is error, shows it.

If you press F12, Ofront starts, translates a module to C source and tries to start script "Obj/ModuleName.bat". If this script is not exists, XDev tries to start more versatile script "SubSys/Bin/build.bat ModuleName" that builds an executable and runs it.

Probably the biggest challenge is the need to write .bat scripts and use (and know) command line options of used C compilers, but here is also a great advantage that allows you to vary the project build settings in a wide range. Did I ever improve and automate it? Yes, of course. I have always something to improve.

Why I do not use make? Certainly using the Windows internal scripting language is not an ideal solution, but it is a working solution for me and it is acceptable. Make comes from Linux world and and when working in Oberon, I prefer not to use it.

Here you can read about structure of folders of a project in XDev. I'll be glad to answer your questions, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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